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What pillows to choose for a grey sofa?

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Grey sofas and corner sofas have reigned in many homes for years. And for a good reason – the subdued, practical colour goes well with many arrangement styles. If you choose interesting textiles in addition to the grey sofa, it will become a natural decoration for your living room! Which pillows for a grey sofa will be the most suitable? We will help!

In this article, you will learn:

  • How to choose the colour of pillows for a grey sofa?
  • What pillows go well with a dark grey sofa?
  • What pillows are worth buying with a light grey sofa?
  • What shape of the pillow to choose?
  • What pillows to choose for a grey sofa if you want a patterned version?

The colour of pillows for a grey sofa – general rules

What pillows for a grey sofa will work best? We have great news for you: everyone! Gray, next to white, black, beige and navy blue, is considered a neutral colour in interior design. This means that it looks excellent in the company of any other colour!

So when you are wondering what pillows will be appropriate for a grey sofa, consider the character of your living room. Think about what colours have already appeared in the interior and how it has been decorated. What effect do you want to achieve – do you prefer subdued, monochromatic interiors that have a soothing effect on you or the contrary: do you like to play with colour and choose unobvious solutions?

Also, remember that ultimately – regardless of the solutions used – the arrangement of the entire interior should be consistent and harmonious.

What pillows for a dark grey sofa

Dark shades of grey are the most popular among all available shades of this colour. They work great in traditional, Scandinavian, and rustic or modern interiors. You can successfully put a dark grey sofa even in a glamour-style interior! In this case, it is not the colour that matters but the shape of the furniture and the selected upholstery material. So what pillows for a dark grey sofa will be the best? When choosing them, follow the rules of the chosen arrangement style!

A dark grey corner sofa with a modern interior will look good if you add pillows in an intense colour to it. It can be cobalt, fuchsia, bottle green or any shade of yellow.

If you want to maintain a neutral interior character and introduce elements of the Scandinavian style, choose sofa cushions in a subdued colour (e.g. similar to the colour of the corner sofa). It can be graphite and anthracite, but also light grey or off-white.

You can achieve an elegant effect straight from luxurious glamour interiors by placing pillows in the colour of old gold or copper on a grey sofa. However, choose models with covers made of silk (or silk-like) fabric, not full of shiny sequins!

Light grey sofa cushions

What pillows to choose for a grey sofa when you have decided on a piece of furniture in a light shade of grey? First, think about what arrangement effect you want to achieve.

If you like nature and boho-style interiors, choose pillows in light shades, though subdued green, beige and yellow. The Proven├žal interior’s romantic character will evoke powder pink, peach, blue or lavender pillows.

Choose textiles in off-white, light beige or chocolate brown for rustic interiors. In the case of an arrangement maintained in this style, it is also worth paying attention to the material from which the decorative covers will be made. Thicker materials such as heavyweight cotton, wool or velour are ideal. Your task will create an impression of warmth, softness and cosiness!

What pillows for a grey sofa – shapes of pillows

Once you have decided which pillows to match the grey sofa in terms of colour, there is still the question of the shape of the pillows! You can choose from rectangular, square, round, oval, flower-shaped, or animal-shaped versions. And that’s not all, because the pillows also differ in size! How not to get lost in it

In the case of pillow sizes, the matter is quite simple. Just follow the rule: the bigger the sofa, the bigger the pillows. If you put huge cushions on a small sofa or corner, you will optically make the piece even smaller. Plus, you’ll need more seating space! On the other hand, too small pillows on a large sofa will make it look less elegant.

What about pillow shapes? What pillows to choose for a grey corner sofa, couch or sofa? Here again, be guided by what effect you want to achieve! If you want to create an impression of elegance, choose pillows in a classic shape. Rectangular or round models are best.

You can create a cosy and homely atmosphere by placing oval-shaped pillows (oval and round) on the sofa. If you choose square and rectangular versions, put a minimum of 3-4 pieces in one place! In this way, it is much easier to associate with enveloping softness.

Pillows in funny shapes work best in the bedroom or children’s room. Arranged in the living room, they will reduce its elegance. The exception here will be when you are wondering what pillows to choose for a grey sofa for a loft or modern interiors. In this case, textiles with funny graphics will originally emphasise the interior’s character!

When will patterned sofa cushions work?

The colour of the pillows for a grey sofa and their shape is not everything! Textile patterns are also worth considering. Which pillows for a grey sofa should be chosen in this respect? Again, consider what result you would like to achieve.

Choose pillows with small flowers for a Provence-style sofa, geometrically patterned textiles for modern interiors, and large floristic motifs for a boho living room.

What pillows for a grey sofa will be the best choice? It all depends on the arrangement style! A grey sofa is a highly versatile furniture – you can match it to everything. You can also easily change its character – all you need is adequately selected textile accessories. Try it and see for yourself!

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