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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Turkey Visa Online Eligibility

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Are You Applying Online for a Turkey Visa Eligibility – Everything You Should Know

Turkey is one of the world’s most alluring travel destinations, offering stunning natural beauty combined with an exotic lifestyle and culinary offerings for an unforgettable travel experience. Additionally, its prosperous commercial center draws in visitors year-round, thus drawing thousands of business and tourism travelers from around the globe each year.

Travel to Turkey 

Suppose you plan to travel to Turkey for business or tourism reasons. In that case, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey offers online visa applications as a convenient and time-saving method for applying for one. No more lengthy and complex procedures of acquiring an ordinary stamped and/or sticker Turkey visa from your local consulate or embassy!

Foreign visitors from visa-exempt countries can apply for an electronic visa, although not everyone may be eligible. Turkey Electronic Travel Authorization or Turkey eVisas are only applicable for visitors coming into Turkey for business or tourism activities; those seeking to study or work must apply for an ordinary visa instead.

It takes just minutes to apply for a Turkey Visa Online – in most cases, within 24 hours if all requirements have been fulfilled and an official travel document issued.

Eligibility Requirements to Secure a Turkey eVisa

Here we cover some of the critical requirements that must be in place before applying online for a Turkey visa.

US Customs is now accepting multiple and Single Entry Visa Applications for approval.

Valid passport holders from certain countries and territories are eligible to apply for an entry visa with multiple entries, allowing for up to 90-day stays within 180 days from issue, without incurring additional registration requirements each time they travel into Turkey. With an entry visa like this one in place, individuals can stay up to 90 days before reaching 180 days since issuing. A multiple entries visa also allows travelers to come and go as needed throughout its validity period without needing an electronic visa or travel registration each time they arrive or depart the country.

One-entry visas to Turkey only grant entry once; additional applications may be required if you plan to visit again within its expiry period. Citizens from certain countries (Bangladesh, India, Iraq, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan, etc.) can obtain an eVisa with only one entry permitted, allowing up to 30 days stay upon fulfilling specific criteria:

Your visa or tourist visa from any Schengen country, United Kingdom, United States, or Ireland must be active or valid.

Your residence permit must be issued from any one of the Schengen countries, the UK, the US, or Ireland.

Apply Online for a Turkey Visa

One of the primary requirements for obtaining a visa to Turkey is having at least six months left on your passport from when you plan on arriving to travel there. You also need to fulfill other requirements to obtain an electronic visa.

Your passport must be issued from one of the eligible countries.

If your passport was issued from one of the eligible countries, applying online for a Turkish visa will not be possible.

Individuals holding temporary or emergency passports and identity cards do not qualify for an electronic visa.

Please remember that if the nationality listed on your electronic visa doesn’t correspond with that listed on your travel document (such as a passport), your e-Visa will become invalidated and can no longer be used.

Even with an active eVisa, entering Turkey without possessing a passport or applying online is impossible.

When filling out an online visa application, ensure that when selecting your nationality, you take great care. If you hold multiple nationalities eligible, select which country appears on your passport as the one you wish to travel to.

An Email Address With Valid Emails

One of the key requirements for applying for an eVisa in Turkey is having a valid email address, as all correspondence regarding their visa application will occur through that account. Once complete and payment has been made online, you will receive a notification in your email box of any completion or cancellation of applications and fees paid online.

If your application is approved, your electronic visa should arrive between 24-72 hours and can be shown at entry points or printed out; thus, applicants must have an active email address before applying online for a visa.

Online Payment Form

Once your application for visa processing has been accepted online, the processing fee must also be paid online. To do this, an active debit or credit card will be needed to make payments.

Purpose of Visit As previously discussed, Turkey eVisas are limited to those who plan to travel for business or pleasure within a short period and need only evidence for their purpose of visit. To qualify for such a visa, proof must be provided about why one wants to visit.

Tourists and business travelers need all documents for return or forward flights, hotel reservations, or travel plans for the next destination.

Consent and Declaration

After submitting your visa application and all supporting documentation, you must verify you have fulfilled all visa requirements listed above.

Failing this step could lead to your application not being considered for processing by immigration. Without signing either consent or declaration forms, your application won’t be reviewed!

Assuming you meet all eligibility requirements, obtaining an e-Visa before entering Turkey should be straightforward and effortless.

Application for the visa can be submitted anywhere and anytime through any computer with access to a reliable internet connection; you should receive an approval within 24 hours based on how quickly your processing option works and any time frame you select.

Turkey Passport Authorities have the power to deny entry or expel anyone without giving any justification for any number of reasons ranging from having a criminal history, posing a health or financial risks for Turkey, or not providing all required paperwork like a passport at the time of entry.

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