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How to use Instagram Stories for brands

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Assuming you are one of the people who are enthusiastic about Instagram, you will have proactively had some good times utilizing Instagram Stories. Yet, Instagram Stories are more than just a decent side interest – they can turn into an incredible showcasing instrument if you use them accurately. super viral

Instagram Stories are revolutionizing how brands share their content, product launches, and news with consumers. Considering that this device has just been around since August 2016, it has been a triumph. Furthermore, would you like to change your image? In this article, we will tell you what famous brands have done to attract and retain their customers with Instagram Stories, and you can replicate it in your business.

What are Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories is an element inside the Instagram (IG) application where clients can catch and post pictures or video content in a slideshow design. Stories can be modified using the typical features of the popular social media app.

Instagram Stories are a creative and fun way to share anecdotes from the daily life of your business. You are using only your creativity as a tool to create attractive and entertaining videos that can successfully engage your audience.

The functionality of Instagram stories emerged on Snapchat. Still, shortly after, in 2016, they were implemented on IG, where they quickly grew in popularity and are used by approximately 400 million users daily.

Like on Snapchat, the content is brief; it can only be viewed for 24 hours. During that brief time, you can show moments of your daily life and the most fun and creative aspects of your personality or brand. Many brands have learned to use them to publicize their products; celebrities use them to keep their fans updated and show a more human face.

Some Data on the impact of Instagram Stories

As we referenced previously, Instagram stories are utilized by many brands to offer a see of new items, administrations, or occasions. And the result has been surprising. This is due to the impact of Instagram Stories on the audience. Here is some data collected that demonstrates the benefits of using Instagram Stories for brands:

  • Businesses have boosted engagement by nearly 20% by hosting an employee or influencer on their Instagram Story for a few days.
  • 15% – 25% of Instagram Stories viewers swipe up to follow a link and engage directly with a brand website.
  • 24% of businesses rank engagement stories as a measure of success.
  • 88% of businesses say they want to increase Instagram Stories posting.
  • 30% of the business plan is to create Instagram Stories Ads

Storytelling on Instagram Stories

With Instagram Stories, the opportunities to tell stories multiply, and your brand can take advantage of this function in a thousand different ways. The photo and video collections are transversal and flexible. They can be adapted to different strategies.

The simplest example you can put into practice is recounting an event, perhaps behind the scenes. Think of a presentation, an event like the Web Marketing Festival that took place recently. YouTube and Facebook describe and publish content users can view and review, while Instagram explains what happens after the interventions.

Or you can introduce a new product or service in your story; you can use a combination of images and videos to create collages. Some content leaves information through the timeline.

There are no restrictions; you can’t foresee what will occur. You have a device, a code to take advantage of, and a custom that has developed over the long haul and is only sitting tight for you to incorporate.

How a brand can take advantage of Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories can tell your brand story, actively work on visual storytelling and engage audiences, show behind-the-scenes events you’ve organized, or engage users in a survey (an important point).

What are the characteristics that can help you with marketing for your business? Why use Instagram Stories? Here are the reasons why you should use this tool.

Test on Instagram

The opinion of your audience is always important. With Stories, you can test ideas you’ve had but aren’t 100% sure if they work and see your audience’s reaction through polls and private messages.

Drive traffic

Whether on your site or a landing page, thanks to the story link. You can bring your followers directly to your site and convert them into customers. With a well-designed strategy, Stories can help you achieve your desired goal.

Influencer marketing

Instagram Stories are a great way to run campaigns of this type, whether you are an influencer or a business. Influencer marketing is useful for different realities, and Instagram stories are essential for certain strategies. In 2017, Instagram was the most used platform for working with influencers.

Instagram Stories Ads

Instagram Stories ads are visible ads in the Stories section. Although they were heavily criticized at launch, they are now much less “annoying” than other types of ads, and because of this. They get a good response in terms of engagement.

These ads are created directly from Facebook Ads Management, selecting the desired objective and positioning as Instagram Stories. Ads of this type must be set up according to specific rules to optimize results. Such as Call-to-Action buttons and inserting links to the website or a specific landing page.


Instagram Stories are very important for brands. Through this Instagram functionality, it is possible to break down the formal barriers between brands and customers, showing them moments in the company’s life, promoting specific discounts, asking for opinions, and much more.

There are no limits to the imagination. But, to get concrete feedback, you need to embed it into a broad spectrum marketing strategy on social media.

Instagram Stories can positively impact your brand, but only if consistent with your corporate image. In this way, they can provide excellent results in terms of business.

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