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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Are CASE & ACE Construction Equipment Worth Investing in?

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The Indian infra professionals keep themselves updated with the changing technologies in the heavy-duty market. Be it any technological upgradation or the launch of any model, they’re all ears!

Recently, brands like CASE & ACE have launched several construction equipment. Their equipment is popular for the right reasons. For instance, the models are reliable, easy to operate, and offer high fuel efficiency. Moreover, the models feature highly advanced technologies.

ACE AX-124 Backhoe Loader

This is another popular model often backed by infra professionals for its superior performance. To illustrate, the operating weight of 8040 kg ensures that the machine can haul heavier loads & tasks without any hassle.

Additionally, the 1 cum of bucket capacity facilitates efficient carriage of complex materials in one go. Besides, operators can ensure higher productivity on site, thanks to its max reach height limit of 2600 mm.

Moreover, the hydraulic oil capacity of 80 ltr further is responsible for increasing work efficiency. This ACE construction equipment comes at a reasonable price ranging between Rs. 23-31 Lakh.

CASE 770 EX Backhoe Loader

This is one of the best-selling construction machines, equipped with high-tech features. The model, for example, has 7780 kg of operating weight. Such a massive weighing capacity outperforms work output expectations.

Additionally, the equipment’s 110 ltr of hydraulic oil capacity prevents friction in moving parts, increasing efficiency. Moreover, with its excellent lifting potential, the model can carry as heavy as 3515 kg in one go. Besides, the 2 cubic meters of bucket capacity ensures higher productivity for construction & mining projects.

In fact, this CASE construction equipment can reach as high as 760 mm. Above all, the backhoe loader comes at a price range of Rs.25-27 Lakh in India.

Are you planning to purchase a backhoe loader for your upcoming project? If yes, then InfraJunction is the place for you.

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